Changepoint’s Business Execution Management™ (BEM) Awarded ‘Best New Product of the Year – Enterprise’ By Best in Biz

BEM Enterprise Platform Recognized for Power to Significantly Improve Business Performance

By: Changepoint

We have great news to announce to round out our busy year of product innovation here at Changepoint. This week, our Business Execution Management™ (BEM) platform was awarded the bronze ‘Best New Product of the Year – Enterprise’ award by Best in Biz, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. BEM was selected for its ability to unite strategy and execution to significantly improve strategic business performance. To see how we stacked up for yourself check out the full list of this year’s winners at:

Over the last year, we’ve drastically expanded our traditional on-premise and hosted professional services automation (PSA) and project portfolio management (PPM) solutions through a series of acquisitions in order to create this first of its kind BEM Platform. BEM gives businesses like yours the power to unite strategy and execution for improved performance by seamlessly fusing together traditionally unconnected features and benefits of PSA, PPM, enterprise portfolio management (EPM), new product development (NPD), and application portfolio management (APM) software. BEM dispatches information in a way that’s relevant to each audience by managing “work layers” across portfolios, rather than independently within silos and spreadsheets. With it you’ll gain:

  • Visibility into business portfolios for effective decision-making and prioritization
  • The ability to monitor the impact of these decisions on the business as a whole
  • More efficient work planning and increased communication throughout the entire organization

To find out more about the Business Execution Management™ (BEM) Platform and how it can directly support your organizational priorities, visit the BEM overview page or contact us to request a demo. This Best in Biz award only further inspires us to keep innovating to provide you with the tools and resources you need to be competitive so pleaseFollow/Connect with us to share your ideas on what else we can create to help you be successful.

Changepoint Enables Next-Level Project Portfolio Management with New Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning

This year we’ve been hard at work updating our Daptiv Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution based on customer feedback to better support their fast-paced and evolving business environments. Today we’re excited to tell you about what we’ve been working on, and unveil the new lineup of Daptiv PPM functionalities, including powerful 360-Degree Resource Planning and the latest in administrative control features.

Our newly launched Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning brings new efficiencies to strategy and planning by breaking the industry mold to provide both top-down and bottom-up visibility. This full-spectrum vantage point allows customers to assess project and portfolio resources from every angle, providing a higher degree of project insights.

We updated Daptiv PPM to give users crucial views into true resource demands by connecting resource plans and project schedules, and comparing them with task assignments. This holistic approach supports successful decision-making regarding project alignment and prioritization against key business objectives. By enabling real-time iteration on resource planning, the solution empowers customers to use available people and resources more effectively, and to look ahead to begin demand forecasting. Daptiv PPM’s 360-Degree Resource Planning ultimately allows users to make knowledgeable resource management and overall business decisions regarding project prioritization, execution, and delivery.

Our update to the Daptiv PPM solution goes beyond resource planning to also deliver a revamped and intuitive interface equipped with brand new administrative control features. The interface sets a new standard for usability across SaaS-based PPM applications, assuring quick user adoption and regular engagement. Customers benefit from:

  • Clean, responsive menu design – supports the data-intensive needs of enterprises by improving and standardizing the user experience across PC, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Device agnosticism – lets customers seamlessly use the application on the device that’s convenient for them in the moment, moving from device to device without restrictions.
  • Data comparisons – are now easier than ever before with new, flexible functionality that lets users set up views and tabs in whatever way works best for them. Customers have accurate, timely data at their fingertips, increasing their productivity and empowering better strategic decision-making.

To learn more about the other two updates we’ve made to Daptiv PPM, including improved notifications and new user impersonation capabilities, take a look at the official press release, or check out what Ian Barker from BetaNews had to say in his article, “Changepoint Launches Updated Resource Planning Solution.” You can also connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to share the new resource efficiencies you’ve been able to achieve using the revamped solution.

Changepoint launches updated resource planning solution

Changepoint Set to Help PMO Symposium Attendees Align Projects with Business Strategy

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Changepoint team as we’ve attended industry events across the globe from Las Vegas to Australia! Our next stop is Phoenix, Arizona to attend the PMO (Project Management Office) Symposium from November 8-11. While we’re there our General Manager of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), Paul Cramer, will host a special session on advancing the role and value of the PMO.

With more than 20-years of experience, Paul will share his veteran take on the evolving PMO role, while focusing on the widening sphere of influence project managers have. He’ll explain how this influence requires project managers to take on more responsibilities in order to support successful initiatives, including having to provide up-to-the-minute visibility into the full scope of each project’s impact and value, and the ability to compare new opportunities against organizational resources and capacity.

If you’ll be at the event, don’t miss Paul’s next-generation PPM insights, and learn new methods you can use to enhance project intake, alignment, and organizational capacity to benefit teams and stakeholders while furthering your organization’s goals:

Who: Paul Cramer, Changepoint General Manager of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM)
What: PPM 3.0
When: Tuesday, November 10th from 8 to 8:30 a.m. MST
Where: PMO Symposium – Phoenix, AZ in Grand Canyon 10 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge

Throughout the symposium Paul Cramer and the Changepoint team will be available at booth #2 on the symposium’s exhibit floor. Stop by, meet the team, and have any of your questions about the session answered! You’ll also be able to demo the latest Daptiv PPM from Changepoint product updates, as well as the company’s Business Execution Management (BEM) platform, which is designed to help customers align strategy and execution for better business agility and increased performance.

You can find more details on Paul Cramer’s presentation here. Also, check out our live updates and prize information throughout the symposium on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Changepoint and Customer Keste Head to TSW 2015 Service Transformations

The Changepoint team is heading back to Las Vegas to attend Technology Services World (TSW) 2015 Service Transformations from October 19-21.

This year, we’re excited to have one of our customers in the booth with us sharing some trade secrets. Ken Judd, the CFO of Keste, will provide insightful advice in a special session entitled, CFO Confidential: Insider-Only Tips to Grow Your Customers, Your Company, and Your Career.

Ken, an award-winning CFO with years of strategic sales and marketing experience, will present the methods he uses to gain necessary information from a PSA solution to support and drive customer and business growth. Ken joined Keste in 2008, and since then he’s played a large role in drastically increasing the company’s revenue and workforce. Ken will share proven tips, tricks, and tactics for success, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into what drives a CFO and how attendees can learn to build a strong relationship with theirs.

If you’re planning to attend TSW 2015 Service Transformations be sure to check out Ken’s presentation:

Who: Ken Judd, CFO at Keste
What: CFO Confidential: Insider-Only Tips to Grow Your Customers, Your Company, and Your Career
When: Tuesday, October 20, 9:45 to 10:45am
Where: ARIA Resort & Casino in Bristlecone 7

Afterward, Ken and the Changepoint team will be available at booth #17 on the exhibit floor to answer any questions. Stop by our booth! Say hello, and find out about Changepoint’s PSA solution, and how it ties into our recently launched Business Execution Management (BEM) Platform, which is helping organizations unite business silos, increase transparency, and connect planning and execution decisions.

You can find more details on Ken Judd’s presentation here. Also, keep an eye out for live updates and prize information throughout the conference on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Changepoint Announces New Business Execution Management Platform

Today is an exciting day for the Changepoint team as we officially launch our new Business Execution Management™ (BEM) Platform, which allows customers to connect strategy with execution, become more agile, and improve organizational performance. We designed this platform with the understanding that technologies, industries, and organizations are ever-changing while most business processes are unable to keep up with new challenges and needs. In fact, the 2014 Society for Information Management IT Key Issues and Trends Study reported that business alignment and agility are among the top five IT management concerns. Therefore, BEM was created to be flexible enough for executives to keep strategy and execution continuously aligned throughout organizational changes.

The technology behind this platform connects the robust solutions you’re already familiar with to provide new levels of visibility and strategic insight, including project portfolio management (PPM), enterprise portfolio management (EPM), and professional services automation (PSA). Rather than viewing and managing projects and initiatives independently within silos and spreadsheets, customers using the BEM Platform are able view real-time status updates for their technology, business, project, human capital, and other portfolios in one comprehensive view.

One of the many key benefits BEM provides is support for strategic planning and analysis. BEM does this by providing users with the strategic oversight and insight necessary to realize the downstream impacts of decisions, updates, and changes going on in separate departments. To do this BEM uses key EPM functionalities to develop a map of the enterprise, while connecting IT and business for real-time analysis of project, resource, and asset performance, as well as the interrelationships that exist across portfolios.

To learn more about the other three major benefits of this platform, and to hear what one of our customers has to say about it, check out the official press release. You can also Follow/Connect with us for live updates as we unveil the BEM Platform at Gartner’s 2015 Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, FL this week.