Excerpts from our Conversation with Forum One

In an informative Q&A session with Daptiv, Joe Pringle Managing Director Project Delivery, Forum One sheds light into how Daptiv PPM helped his company gain better visibility into planning, scheduling and executing projects seamlessly across the organization. Pringle is responsible for overseeing operations and project performance, including resource allocation, client satisfaction and project finances at Forum One.

Q: When did you feel the need to graduate to a PPM solution? 

A: As we grew in size we realized that our existing solutions were limiting our capabilities to manage resources across the organization. It became difficult for us to manage people across geographies and gain insight into how projects were being implemented simultaneously. We knew that there was a better way to allocate resources and keep track of developments in real time.

Q: What were your next steps?

A: We were clear about the fact that we wanted to keep our staff focused on doing exceptional work for our clients rather than on overhauling an in-house project management solution. So before moving ahead, we gathered all the necessary information regarding process requirements/needs and improvement areas internally. Consequently, we examined various SaaS based alternatives for Project Portfolio Management. Having done that, we zeroed in on Daptiv as it offered the best feature set for our resource management, project management, and project performance needs.

Q: Can you discuss the key problem areas identified after the internal assessment?

A: One of the key process improvement areas identified up front was creating an integration between Salesforce.com and Daptiv.  At that time we were having difficulties transitioning a project from sales to delivery.  So we created an integration solution utilizing Daptiv ConnectTM that monitored an “opportunity” in Salesforce.com until it reached a specific stage in the sales cycle.  In addition to that, the other important area we needed was the ability to create real time reports and dashboards that reflected our business model.

Q: Can you elaborate a little more on the execution process?

A: We decided to get Daptiv on-board pretty quick and it took us about two months to transition completely to the new platform. We worked with Daptiv’s professional services team to configure, set up and migrate content from existing platform into the new system. One of the many things we liked about Daptiv PPM was its flexibility to accommodate our business model.

Q: Did the deployment of Daptiv PPM add value to Forum One processes?

A: We knew what we were getting into and had a clear idea about our needs. Before Daptiv, we had to used a home grown web application and  Excel spreadsheets to track staff utilization, performance across different groups in the company earlier. Daptiv PPM has helped us have a much more mature, robust way to measure and report on our whole portfolio of projects at any time. One major benefit for us was that we were able to understand resource requirements early in the process and could better plan/schedule the start of a project without being resource constrained.

Q: How has Forum One been able to sustain the momentum after implementing all the changes?

A: We’ve grown a lot since we implemented Daptiv PPM. We now have a process for continually evaluating whether our processes are being managed in the most effective way or not. We’ve managed to improve existing tools resulting in improved performances and strong momentum.

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