Informa Chooses Daptiv’s SaaS-based PPM Software to Gain Visibility to Better Align IT With Business Goals

Daptiv announced that Informa, a global publishing and conference organization, has selected Daptiv PPM to manage resources and better execute on project portfolio management. The company’s adoption of Daptiv PPM has grown by 500 percent in just over two years across several large global business units.

Read more about Informa’s work with Daptiv in today’s press release.

Global Payment Processing Firm Chooses Daptiv to Increase Visibility and Align Projects with Strategic Business Initiatives

Daptiv, the on-demand leader in project portfolio management software, today announced that Wright Express (NYSE: WXS), a leading provider of value-based payment processing and information management solutions, has chosen Daptiv’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution to manage projects and resources for the company’s project management office (PMO). Wright Express selected Daptiv to gain better visibility into their projects and in turn take on projects that closely align with the company’s strategic goals.

Wright Express provides payment processing and information management services to commercial and government vehicle fleets. The company’s PMO oversees a variety of projects spanning from product and application development to logistics and operations.

Prior to using Daptiv, Wright Express lacked a unified method for tracking resources, budgets and time allotted to certain projects. Some project teams relied on spreadsheets to manage projects, which proved difficult to consolidate and reliably update and maintain. Now, through process standardization and automated reporting, Daptiv PPM has allowed Wright Express to implement processes that provide discipline in how hours are tracked, improve accuracy in reporting, and gain greater visibility into the PMO’s data.

Wright Express has also improved decision-making by using Daptiv PPM to help project managers fast-track projects slated for release based on available resources and ensure projects are completed in the forecasted timeframe. Daptiv’s Resource Management capabilities help Wright Express ensure that they have the right resources to complete a project, and assign the right people to each project.

“Daptiv simplified the whole process around deciding whether or not to green-light a project because we can now view the true availability of resources and hours as well as the overall health of a project from the very beginning,” said Diane Kimball, senior project manager, PMO, Wright Express. “Every aspect of Daptiv is easy to use from a project management standpoint. It aligned with our existing processes, making it easy for our team to begin using it almost immediately.”

In addition to Resource Management, Wright Express uses Daptiv’s Document Management to include full documentation alongside projects. This allows teams to have a single repository to store all relevant information associated with a project. Users can standardize and centralize documents for increased organizational efficiency, and version tracking enables project managers to make sure everyone on the team is working on the most up-to-date documents.

Daptiv’s Capacity Planner allows Wright Express to look at the overall project pipeline and resource availability in a single view, and make adjustments to project start dates based on project priority and resource availability. This allows the PMO to see when resources are constrained, and ensure that high priority projects get the necessary attention.

“The size and scale of Wright Express’s global operations is a testament to the benefits larger organizations can achieve using Daptiv to automate their project management activities,” said Ian Knox, vice president of marketing for Daptiv. “Our goal is to complement and support existing processes so that project managers can focus on collaborating more effectively and delivering projects faster.”

World’s Largest Hotel Group Chooses Daptiv to Drive Collaboration and Productivity Within Americas Operations PMO

Today we announced that Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) (LSE: IHG) (NYSE: IHG) (ADRs), the world’s largest hotel group by number of rooms, has selected Daptiv’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system to manage projects for the company’s American Operations project management office (PMO). IHG selected Daptiv based on its on-demand, SaaS-based offering as well as its ability to provide a level of oversight and automation that would enable executives, stakeholders and project teams to collaborate and work more productively and effectively.

“We chose Daptiv because feature-for-feature it met our requirements better than any other offering, and provided much greater flexibility with its dynamic applications and advanced reporting,” said Colin Erven, manager of project governance and team support for IHG. “Daptiv’s reliability has made it the backbone of our PMO.”

IHG opens a new hotel somewhere in the Americas nearly every day of the year, and needed a solution to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks at any step of the process — from building out a hotel to supporting franchisees in meeting and exceeding quality standards once it’s open. They also needed a system that could be deployed rapidly, without requiring server installations in the data center or delays in implementation.

Read the full press release here.