Changepoint Enables Next-Level Project Portfolio Management with New Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning

This year we’ve been hard at work updating our Daptiv Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution based on customer feedback to better support their fast-paced and evolving business environments. Today we’re excited to tell you about what we’ve been working on, and unveil the new lineup of Daptiv PPM functionalities, including powerful 360-Degree Resource Planning and the latest in administrative control features.

Our newly launched Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning brings new efficiencies to strategy and planning by breaking the industry mold to provide both top-down and bottom-up visibility. This full-spectrum vantage point allows customers to assess project and portfolio resources from every angle, providing a higher degree of project insights.

We updated Daptiv PPM to give users crucial views into true resource demands by connecting resource plans and project schedules, and comparing them with task assignments. This holistic approach supports successful decision-making regarding project alignment and prioritization against key business objectives. By enabling real-time iteration on resource planning, the solution empowers customers to use available people and resources more effectively, and to look ahead to begin demand forecasting. Daptiv PPM’s 360-Degree Resource Planning ultimately allows users to make knowledgeable resource management and overall business decisions regarding project prioritization, execution, and delivery.

Our update to the Daptiv PPM solution goes beyond resource planning to also deliver a revamped and intuitive interface equipped with brand new administrative control features. The interface sets a new standard for usability across SaaS-based PPM applications, assuring quick user adoption and regular engagement. Customers benefit from:

  • Clean, responsive menu design – supports the data-intensive needs of enterprises by improving and standardizing the user experience across PC, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Device agnosticism – lets customers seamlessly use the application on the device that’s convenient for them in the moment, moving from device to device without restrictions.
  • Data comparisons – are now easier than ever before with new, flexible functionality that lets users set up views and tabs in whatever way works best for them. Customers have accurate, timely data at their fingertips, increasing their productivity and empowering better strategic decision-making.

To learn more about the other two updates we’ve made to Daptiv PPM, including improved notifications and new user impersonation capabilities, take a look at the official press release, or check out what Ian Barker from BetaNews had to say in his article, “Changepoint Launches Updated Resource Planning Solution.” You can also connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to share the new resource efficiencies you’ve been able to achieve using the revamped solution.

Changepoint launches updated resource planning solution

Daptiv a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 3rd Consecutive Year

We’re proud to announce that Daptiv has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. as a “Leader” for the third consecutive year in the recently published 2014 Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services. Gartner is a leading technology research and analyst firm, whose Magic Quadrant reports are the world-renowned standard in IT and business communities for their objective and thorough analyses and evaluations of technology products and services.

Gartner selects companies to be included in each Magic Quadrant report based on stringent business viability criteria and standards. Each vendor invited to participate is then included in a comprehensive evaluation of market, product, customer, and financial performance. The resulting Magic Quadrant report provides an overall landscape view of the included vendors based on each company’s completeness of vision and ability to execute.  The report also details strengths and cautions for each provider, and various findings related to market trends, direction, and useful considerations for companies contemplating a purchase in the product category.

Being positioned as a Leader in this report for the third year in a row is a tremendous accomplishment for Daptiv. It is also a positive acknowledgement of the uncompromising focus we’ve placed on delivering the best PPM experience available – for organizations of all sizes.

According to Gartner, Cloud-based IT PPM service providers identified as Leaders meet the top application functionality and process automation requirements throughout the industry. Product depth in several core IT PPM areas – such as demand management and analysis, advanced scheduling, resource and cost management, and out-of-the-box integration to key third party IT applications (such as ITSM software or application development tools) – sets Leaders apart from the rest.

Daptiv’s market and product momentum over the past twelve months has helped to maintain the Leader position for another year, including ongoing product and services innovations, continued growth in domestic and international markets, and customer retention rates that are higher than ever. Additionally, Daptiv continues to demonstrate an ability to successfully sell to and service larger customers, effectively evolving cloud-based PPM to a highly viable enterprise-class solution.

We look forward to ongoing growth in these areas and substantial progress the remainder of the year in continuing to deliver a best in class PPM solution to our customers.

Visit the products section of our website today for more information on how our technology is evolving to meet today’s top industry demands.

To download the full Gartner Magic Quadrant report free, visit

The Big News from Daptiv at the 2014 Gartner PPM Summit

Every year we here at Daptiv are excited to attend Gartner’s PPM & IT Governance Summit, which is being held this week in National Harbor, Maryland June 2-4.

While there, we’ve been focused on highlighting how our PPM solution is used to address common challenges facing business leaders today, concentrating on key topics such as:

  • The need for configurable, flexible PPM technology capable of adapting to a business’ people and processes
  • The importance of customer data security in today’s increasingly complex and vulnerable business environment
  • The growth and maturation of the PMO and how it is evolving to meet enterprise-level needs
  • The importance of aligning IT projects with business strategy and balancing demand for IT services.

Daptiv’s New Organizational Change Management Offering (OCM)

This year at the summit, we are also proud to announce a completely new set of tools for the PMO to manage change within an organization, helping to address the critical people component of change management for organizations implementing new technology and processes companywide. Our new OCM offering will focus primarily on the critical aspects of change management, and will ultimately help our customers better prepare for large-scale technology and process changes. By emphasizing and assessing the specific requirements of each unique customer, our new OCM offering allows for tailored communication, learning, and sustainability plans and deliverables, which are developed and incorporated during the life of a project to improve company-wide adoption and project success.

Contrary to popular belief, most project failures occur because the people, processes and environments within a business are unprepared or unmindful of the changes that need to take place for successful technology deployments. This can have an enormous negative impact on project success rates. Our new OCM practice helps our customers minimize these failures, and will integrate directly into what we offer with our Daptiv PPM solution.

Gartner predicts that by 2016, successful transformation program leaders will direct 60 percent of the budget to organizational process change activities. These programs take into account how much change a business can undergo in any given period. As much of this responsibility will fall within the confines of the PMO, they will need to successfully navigate OCM and adjust to the evolving industry landscape, requiring even greater alignment and the ability to work collaboratively and synergistically.

For the full details around how our new OCM offering will help your organization in meeting these new challenges, please see our complete release.  You can also visit our Resources Page for additional research and information, or view an OCM-focused solution brief here.

Excerpts from our Conversation with Forum One

In an informative Q&A session with Daptiv, Joe Pringle Managing Director Project Delivery, Forum One sheds light into how Daptiv PPM helped his company gain better visibility into planning, scheduling and executing projects seamlessly across the organization. Pringle is responsible for overseeing operations and project performance, including resource allocation, client satisfaction and project finances at Forum One.

Q: When did you feel the need to graduate to a PPM solution? 

A: As we grew in size we realized that our existing solutions were limiting our capabilities to manage resources across the organization. It became difficult for us to manage people across geographies and gain insight into how projects were being implemented simultaneously. We knew that there was a better way to allocate resources and keep track of developments in real time.

Q: What were your next steps?

A: We were clear about the fact that we wanted to keep our staff focused on doing exceptional work for our clients rather than on overhauling an in-house project management solution. So before moving ahead, we gathered all the necessary information regarding process requirements/needs and improvement areas internally. Consequently, we examined various SaaS based alternatives for Project Portfolio Management. Having done that, we zeroed in on Daptiv as it offered the best feature set for our resource management, project management, and project performance needs.

Q: Can you discuss the key problem areas identified after the internal assessment?

A: One of the key process improvement areas identified up front was creating an integration between and Daptiv.  At that time we were having difficulties transitioning a project from sales to delivery.  So we created an integration solution utilizing Daptiv ConnectTM that monitored an “opportunity” in until it reached a specific stage in the sales cycle.  In addition to that, the other important area we needed was the ability to create real time reports and dashboards that reflected our business model.

Q: Can you elaborate a little more on the execution process?

A: We decided to get Daptiv on-board pretty quick and it took us about two months to transition completely to the new platform. We worked with Daptiv’s professional services team to configure, set up and migrate content from existing platform into the new system. One of the many things we liked about Daptiv PPM was its flexibility to accommodate our business model.

Q: Did the deployment of Daptiv PPM add value to Forum One processes?

A: We knew what we were getting into and had a clear idea about our needs. Before Daptiv, we had to used a home grown web application and  Excel spreadsheets to track staff utilization, performance across different groups in the company earlier. Daptiv PPM has helped us have a much more mature, robust way to measure and report on our whole portfolio of projects at any time. One major benefit for us was that we were able to understand resource requirements early in the process and could better plan/schedule the start of a project without being resource constrained.

Q: How has Forum One been able to sustain the momentum after implementing all the changes?

A: We’ve grown a lot since we implemented Daptiv PPM. We now have a process for continually evaluating whether our processes are being managed in the most effective way or not. We’ve managed to improve existing tools resulting in improved performances and strong momentum.